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Swim teams and swim clinics! Try outs are coming! Winter swim starts soon!

Updated August 13, 2018: Includes try out dates, clinics and more!

Every kid on Long Island should know how to swim well.  The best swim clinics on Long Island help kids refine their strokes, understand how to flip turn properly and how to dive off a block.  So when it comes time for a race – either recreationally or against another team in a big meet, your child will be ready to say “eat my bubbles!”

Some of the larger swim teams like Long Island Express and LIAC offer swim clinics as well as some local programs. If your child is interested in the best swim clinic on Long Island, here’s our pick:

Island Swim Academy: September 10 – November 19

Led by Coach Matt McGrane (Manhasset HS Swim Coach) and Sean Tedesco (Head College Swim Coach), the Island Swim Academy is a hidden gem.  The group doesn’t advertise yet the clinic is often sold out.  It’s for good reason – Island Swim Academy is hyper organized, kids are split into small groups based on age and ability, and coaches provide swimmers with constructive feedback on almost every lap.

Download a copy of their flyer here:


If you’re looking for swim teams on Long Island, try outs are quickly approaching. Newer swimmers may be better off starting with a more recreational program that is less competitive and less expensive

Sid Jacobson JCC, Roslyn click here 

Where: Sid Jacobson JCC pool, Roslyn

Season runs September 2018-April 2019
Tryouts are mandatory for all swim team members. Swim meets are held on Sundays at Sid Jacobson JCC and at other facilities in our league.

Try outs for returning Barracudas
Wednesday, September 12, 5:30-6:30pm
Thursday, September 13, 5:30-6:30pm
Sunday, September 16, 2:30-3:30pm

Tryouts for New Swimmers
Wednesday, September 12, 6:30-7:30pm
Thursday, September 13, 6:30-7:30pm
Sunday, September 16, 3:30-4:30pm

ScoutJr says: If your kid doesn’t like cold pools but can’t get enough of the water, then this is the place for you. Recently redone, the water is kept at a balmy 82 degrees, making for a very comfortable entry.

Team Suffolk Half Hollow Hills Swim Club (Suffolk County) – NOVICE PROGRAM

When: TBD. Year is divided in to three seasons – September (10 weeks), January (10 weeks), June (18 weeks)

Where: Half Hollow Hills High School West, 375 Wolf Hill Road

At the first 2 practices, coaches re-evaluate the swimmers.  Upon re-evaluation and availability, the more advanced swimmers of the group are given the opportunity to advance to the 3-day-a-week program.  The more advanced program also provides athletes with the opportunity to swim in competitive meets. Swimmers who do not advance will attend the balance of the Saturday practices, a total of 10 practice sessions, as indicated on the Novice


ScoutJr says: WE LOVE THIS IDEA! The novice program is for younger kids who are interested in competing, but have not yet done so.  The program is run in 10 week blocks in Fall and Winter and include one practice a week..  Summer is a six week, 18 session block. The cost is just $295, which makes it a great intro to the swim team experience before committing to a year round program.


Competitive swim teams are affiliated with USA Swimming, which means that their times are maintained in a national database and the number of practice days vary from once a week for beginners to up to six days of practice for older or more elite swimmers.

There’s been a lot of discussion about which competitive swim team is “the best.” We can’t say since the programs below have had such great outcomes. Sometimes it comes down to which program is the right fit for your child. Maybe they really respond to one coach over another, or maybe it’s a matter of convenience. Either way, the two most important things for truly competitive swimmers is to 1) get their stroke right and 2) get their laps in.

Long Island Express Swim Team Try Outs

When: Tuesday, September 4 thru Friday, September 7: 4-6pm (swimmers only attend one try out)

Where: Hofstra University Swim Center, Hempstead, NY

Click here for more information

LIAC Try Outs (LIAC – Long Island Swimming)


August 14th: 12:30 – 2:00pm
August 15th:  6:45pm
August 28th & 29th: 4:00 – 5:30pm
September 5th & 6th: 7:00pm

Where: Garden City/750 F. Stewart Avenue, Syosset/170 Michael Drive

Three Village Swim Try Outs (Suffolk County)

When: TENTATIVE Monday, September 10 and Tuesday, September 11 from 6-7:30pm

Where: Ward Melville HS pool

Try out dates will be posted on the Three Village Swim Team website and handed out in some public schools. This is a competitive team, so be sure to try out early! Swimmers will be contacted about placement about a week after trying out.  New swimmers may try-out on a later date too (contact Coach Mark by email), but it is possible that the team roster is completely filled by that time.  For up to date info, click here.

Islanders Aquatics Try Outs (Suffolk County)

When: Islanders Aquatics is a year-round swim program. While Try Out dates have not yet been set, you may call or email to schedule an evaluation.

Where: Suffolk County Community College Brentwood Campus

Contact: 631-406-9497 or Email [email protected] says: The great thing about this program is that they are always putting together top notch camps and clinics that bring Olympian swimmers and coaches for high performance swimmers.  And, Head Coach Michael Murray was appointed an at large member of United States Swimming! Very impressive!

Team Suffolk Half Hollow Hills Swim Club (Suffolk County)

When: TBD

Where: Half Hollow Hills High School West, 375 Wolf Hill Road

RECREATIONAL SWIM TEAMS (start January 2019)

CYO Swim Teams (locations vary across Long Island)

When: Season begins in January

Where: TBD, based on parish

Cost: Varies, but usually under $200

Click here for an abbreviated list of parishes that offer swim

ScoutJr says: CYO is one of the most affordable programs on Long Island and with so many parishes, there is bound to be a program nearby. The program is split into groups based on past team performance and each team usually separates the youngest swimmers from the more experienced. The program usually practices twice a week until the competitive season begins.  Then, the team practices once a week and uses the other day for swim meet competitions.  

What to expect at a swim team try out:

As with many sports, swim team try out requirements vary based on age and program.  At the younger ages, children must be able to swim across the length of the pool and show strength in up to four strokes. If your child is not able to make it across the pool, then it will be recommended that he or she take additional swim lessons or go to swim clinics.  During swim practice your child will be sharing a lane with other swimmers within a lane, so safety is of the utmost importance.

Once your child is older than 8 years old, he or she will be asked to warm up and then complete a certain number of laps of each stroke. Throughout the try out, and based on age, your child will be observed for their ability to dive off a block, swim (stroke quality and endurance) and flip turn.  Of course, the degree of skill varies — so don’t get stressed if your 9 year old can’t do a flip turn or is afraid to dive off of a block. Coaches have a good understanding of where kids should be at each age and are also looking for other behaviors such as whether the child wants to be there, how he or she takes direction and how they interact with others.

Swim teams not for you? Explore to find a sport that’s right for your child.



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