Spring Sports are Coming! What to play

It’s time to sign up for spring sports!  If your child has been stuck in a rut playing the same sport for the past 6 months, now is the time to consider your options as the next semester is about to begin.  Some options to consider:



The most American sport of them all, baseball and spring go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Softball has emerged as a popular alternative to baseball for girls, with more than 3.5 million players.  Played on a smaller field with a larger ball, the game has become increasingly popular though it was created in the early 1930’s.





Long Island and Lacrosse go hand in hand and it’s common to see kids walking around with their sticks or passing a ball on a field beginning in March.  Communities across the island offer recreational lacrosse through the PAL (Police Athletic League) and other local organizations.  For people looking to elevate their game with pro coaches, look to more professionally run teams such as FLG Lacrosse (For Love of the Game), Team Elevate and Liberty Lacrosse, or search our directory for alternatives.



Track & Field

Run, Forest, Run! Track & Field offers a good respite from team sports while also allowing the body to build strength and endurance.  As we’ve talked about before, running form is extremely important and there’s no better way to get up to speed than on a track team.  There are many programs on Long Island, including the TSC Track Club. The TSC Track Club has sent many runners to the National Championships, has a number of All-Americans and holds a number of LI, National and World records!


As always, dance and gymnastics are also available in the spring though many spring programs begin in …. February!  So be sure to check those out asap!



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