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Sports Broadcasting Camps for Kids that Love Calling the Play by Play!

This might be a stretch, but since our niche is sports programs for kids, we thought that Sports Broadcasting Camps for kids deserved a shout out. Because sports & broadcasting is like peanut butter & jelly. They go together.

Before you sign your son or daughter up for Sports Broadcasting camp, consider the following.

⇒Do they have love for a sport?

Without love of a sport there’s not much reason to go into Sports Broadcasting, which serves to inform viewers and listeners of entertaining information about a game and its players.



⇒ Are they interested in being on TV or Radio…or even podcasts?

Kids that are interested in being on TV or Radio need to be prepared to perform in front of others. This means that they may be on camera or speaking on a microphone. Does that disqualify shy kids? Not at all….just means that they’ll have to push themselves a bit to get out of their comfort zone.


⇒ WHICH ONE ARE THEY? Player, Broadcaster or Both?

This is important. There are kids that love playing sports but have zero interest in broadcasting. Others that love watching, but wouldn’t step foot on a court, and last – kids that want to do both, or at least try.

Based on how you answered the above questions, you can decide if a program that is geared solely toward sports broadcasting is right for your child vs a camp that offers sports as well as sports broadcasting. As you know, we believe in the long term benefits of physical activity, so we would recommend signing children up for a camp that offers both, but also offers flexible programming (in other words: a camp where a child can get physical activity, but not necessarily dedicated to just one sport).

We’ve found a few programs within 3 hours of Long Island:


ScoutJr, Brookwood Camps

The Sports Academy at Brookwood Camps (Sleepaway Camp)

Dates: June 29 – July 5, July 27 – August 2

Where: Glen Spey, NY

This sprawling sleepaway camp is a traditional camp and sports camp in one and they’re constantly innovating so kids have access to modern sports related programming led by professional instructors. The camp also offers specialized weeks that feature world-class pro’s from teams you know…like the NY Giants, Brooklyn Nets, Manchester United and more.

The owners built a brand new state-of-the-art broadcasting studio and are bringing in some of the biggest names in Sports Broadcasting like MSG Network’s Kenny Albert, ESPN’s Steve Levy, and WFANs Jerry Recco along with GMA’s Ron Claiborne, an Emmy Award Winning Journalist.

What we love about the program is that the kids get to play sports, enjoy a traditional camp experience AND learn sports broadcasting instead of being cooped up in a studio all day. Campers learn the fundamentals such as producing, directing and editing as well as soft skills like interviewing players and coaches. Stories and segments are conceptualized by the kids, filmed all over the campus, and edited back in the studio. Many of their segments are also proudly featured on their website. Gotta love that!


ScoutJr Play by Play

Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camps (Day Camp or Overnight)

Dates:  Vary by location

Where: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, LA, New Jersey, South Florida and Philadelphia (sadly, no New York)

Ages: 10-18 (advanced broadcasting camps are also offered for ages 15-25+)

Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camps bills itself as the nation’s #1 Sports Broadcasting Camp.  Here, kids will have the opportunity to meet professional athletes and coaches, create their own sidelines reports and record play-by-play broadcasts. Also kids can host their own sports talk radio or sports debate shows. Gotta love that! Kids that stay overnight attend a Major League or Minor League baseball game and sports games like wiffle ball and basketball.

Do you know of another great Sports Broadcasting Camp? Comment below so we can update our list!

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