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Red team names – names for kids teams with red jerseys

Looking for red team names? Lucky you. Studies say that if two teams of equal ability are playing, the one wearing a red jersey is more likely to win. Take that!

Seriously, red team names are great but the reason why red jerseys are an advantage is because kids automatically think “stop” when they see the color. It’s automatic since kids learn red means “STOP” at an early age and green means “GO.” A way to give your team an advantage over kids wearing red jerseys is to have them scrimmage on red pinnies.

So, yeah red team names definitely need to be a bit more aggressive. Because the odds are with you!

  1. Academy
  2. Aces
  3. Ajax
  4. Americans
  5. Cardinals
  6. Beetles
  7. Ladybugs
  8. Howlers
  9. Reds
  10. Red Team
  11. Accelerators
  12. Adrenaline
  13. Aftershock
  14. Asteroids
  15.  Astros
  16. Caliente
  17. Challengers
  18. Cherry Bombers
  19. Chili Peppers
  20. Crossfire
  21. Crush / Crushers
  22. Devils
  23. Red Devils
  24. Dominators
  25. Dynamite
  26. Dynamos
  27. Fireballs
  28. Flames
  29. Foxes
  30. Fury
  31. Heat
  32. Legends
  33. Momentum
  34. Monsoon
  35. Patriots
  36. Red Attack
  37. Red Birds
  38. Red Devils
  39. Red Dragons
  40. Red Hawks
  41. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  42. Red Hots
  43. Red Wings
  44. Red Wolves
  45. Rolling Thunder
  46. Shooting Stars
  47. Sirens
  48. Sonics
  49. Sparks
  50. Starburst
  51. Tazmanians
  52. Wildthings
  53. Thrashers
  54. Thunder
  55. ThunderBirds
  56. Thundercats
  57. Timberwolves
  58. Titans
  59. Triumph
  60. Twisters
  61. Velocity
  62. Venom
  63. Venus
  64. Vipers
  65. X-girls

Name generators serve up fun team names

Want to be even more unique? Try one of these team name generators for some fun and interesting results. 

For a fun interactive name generator, asks for a name to be entered and then generates an alternative. We entered “Bombers” and the results were “Twirling Day Trippers” — love it!

Name Generator

This website automatically generates fun names for your team and then gives you the option of saving your favorites.

Sports Team Name Generator

Similar to Name Generator, this website generates fun names like “The Quick Beluga Whale” – gotta love that!


Naming aside, now is the time to start looking for programs for winter and spring.

Feeling like doing good for the world? Review one of the programs so that parents understand what they’re getting into. We’ve realized that people like to know the 3C’s – cost, culture, and competitiveness.  Added bonus if you include information about your experience such as if the program ran on time, if additional gear was necessary, and how the coaches interacted with players.

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