Long Island School Districts

Long Island School Districts – Nassau to Suffolk, we’ve got you covered.

Ever wonder about particular Long Island School Districts? We do. Over the next few weeks you’re going to start seeing more of the things we wonder about. Maybe you’ll like it. 🙂

Some info we wish we knew before we started navigating our young child through youth sports.

  1. There are no after school sports until 7th grade
  2. The PAL and CYO offer really affordable programs and welcome all children.
  3. Often try outs for 7th grade sports and beyond are on the same date, so it’s important to choose wisely. For example, if you know that 40 kids are trying out for a soccer team of 20, then it would be smart to assess the likelihood of your child making the team as opposed to a less popular sport. Some school districts in New Jersey schedule their try outs differently. The most popular sports’ try outs are first and students are notified if they get a spot. The next day (or a few days later), the next most popular sports’ try outs are scheduled. This process ensure that more students have the opportunity to play.  Yes, middle schoolers don’t learn the “tough lesson” of not making a team, but they do have the opportunity to continue playing and being physically active.
  4. Even when school sports begin, students may continue playing club sports. So if you think you’re gonna save a ton, think again! Though there is a savings.

If you’re just looking for nearby sports programs, check our database here so you can search by zipcode. If you’re looking for school info, check out this information below.

Nassau County Long Island School Districts

Suffolk County Long Island School Districts

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