Hey Tom Brady, how did you get so good?

Ok, Tom Brady, we have to give it to you — you really are THAT good.  While many others are probably focusing on your unheard of comeback in last night’s Super Bowl (seriously, how did you do that?!?), we at want to know — how did you get so good?

Was it countless hours on the football field from the age of 6 up….were you on the A team…did you go to elite camps and clinics in order to hone your serious skills.  Did everyone know that you were going to be the greatest ever?  Tom, we know you’re kinda busy, but drop us a line when you have some time.

In the meantime, we found out what Tom Brady did as a kid:

  1.  He didn’t play football until he was a freshman in High School
  2. He was a multi-sport athlete — basketball during basketball season, baseball during baseball season (truth be told, Brady was drafted to play for the Montreal Expos).
  3. His parents believed in exposing him to different things
  4. He didn’t attend sports camps, instead he played with everyone in the neighborhood
  5. As a kid, his answers were pretty consistent to his peers — check out this video below



As we reflect on last night’s unheard of win and dream of the big stage for our young athlete, let’s remember that a young Tom Brady wasn’t playing football, going to fancy camps or playing on the A team.


It’s doubtful that he was being assessed for his ability to adjust to new positions under stressful conditions at a young age.  Instead, freestyle play in the neighborhood with different ages and skills allowed each kid to become more resilient.  To become better when their competitive edge kicked in against someone older or stronger, or work with others who may not be at their level.


“If you had on your team today a young Tom Brady – who wasn’t able or willing to commit to your sport exclusively or year round – would you play him?”


Perhaps there’s a Tom Brady among many of the rec leagues today…maybe he or she is playing baseball, basketball or running track.  Or maybe he or she is running bases with friends in the park. This year, let’s all commit to embracing multi sport athletes and players with different skills so that more kids continue to play.  Maybe then more kids will be THAT good.


And, @ Tom Brady, congratulations on your win.





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