Lacrosse Helmets for Girls: Is now the time?


As there is increased attention toward player safety, many people are advocating for girls lacrosse helmets.  Why would anyone not support helmets?  Yet many former players stress that player safety becomes an issue when helmets are added.  While the two sides may never agree, player safety and concussion prevention is an issue that needs to be addressed in many sports and youth lacrosse teams across the nation are looking for solutions that work for the players.

Girls should NOT wear lacrosse helmets

  • Girls lacrosse is more true to the original sport 
  • Helmets will lead to increased injuries as a result of more aggressive play due to perceived safety
  • Helmets do not prevent 100% of all head injuries
  • Injuries can be decreased with good coaching

Girls should wear lacrosse helmets

Are helmets the future of girls lacrosse?

  • In a nutshell, yes
  • In 2015, Florida mandated new headgear and there was a decrease in injuries
  • As a result of Florida’s mandate and headgear regulations adopted by US Lacrosse, top lacrosse brands such as Cascade have innovated new headgear that integrates goggles

Girls lacrosse helmet options

  • As a result of the implementation of safety guidelines, a number of manufacturers have created headgear designed for the sport
  • Leading lacrosse helmet manufacturer Cascade has created a new line of headgear designed for women while Hummingbird is a start up focusing on women and girls headgear and apparel. The Cascade LX optional headgear for girls lacrosse.

Leading headgear maker Cascade has created the  Cascade LX specifically for women.




Hummingbird helmets offer another safety compliant alternative helmet.

Hummingbird helmets offer another safety compliant alternative helmet.


While headgear will continue to be debated, the Florida mandate offers the industry good information about the pro’s and con’s of wearing it.  As of now (outside of Florida), it’s up to your daughter whether or not she wants to wear headgear….so the debate continues.

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