volleyball gift ideas

Gift ideas for kids that love volleyball!

Volleyball season is quickly approaching…so the holidays are a terrific time to add some flair to your kid’s look while playing.

Wilson Graffiti Volleyball

Wilson Graffiti Ball

We love this ball…it bridges sports & art, which is really cool! But also, it’s great when practice is over and you can find your ball without checking for your name. And the price is right, too, at just $15!!!

Volleyball HoodieTeeStars Volleyball Hoodie

We keep a ton of hoodies around the house — they’re great for everything…keeps you warm, can complete an outfit in a pinch and serves as warm up training gear. Plus, we just like them. This one’s a keeper for just $24.


Queen: The Platinum Collection

If your teen hasn’t asked for this yet, they’re going to — the movie’s tops at the theaters and the story is a great one, though some say it isn’t entirely true. Either way, the music’s a lot of fun to listen to before their next volleyball match.  $18 on Amazon.

KAVU Rope Bag

We have yet to see this bag in real life, but we love the strap made of colorful individual ropes and is it just us, or does it look like the perfect size for a volleyball? Get it here for $49

JSlides Winter Booties

You know how the team ends up getting together after practice? JSlides are lined with shearling, so they’re a sneaky sneaker-bootie that will keep her toes warm without betraying her sporty sensibilities. Now that’s a great idea!  Get them here (prices vary by color) $60 – $120

L Erickson Hair Bands

Seriously, these are the best! Large enough that they can worn on the wrist, small enough that they bound around a ponytail for a secure hold. Get a bunch of basic black for $10 or splurge on a multi color tube like the ones above for $18. Either are perfect as a stocking stuffer or small gift for a friend.


Ran Bay Round Flash Lenses with Lilac Mirror

It’s never too early to get ready for summer. These sunglasses are fun and light and can keep your teen stylin’ in the snow or on the sand.  Ray Ban sunglasses $!75




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