Fall Youth Sports

Back to School, Back to Sports!

With the kids back to school and the summer official over, it’s time for fall youth sports. Of course, there are always clinics, camps and travel for nearly all sports available to parents and their kids throughout the entire year. But during the fall season here in the Northeast, football, cheer leading, soccer, field hockey, tennis, volleyball, swimming and cross country dominate the school sports calendar.leaves

Football and Cheer

Football and cheer leading are among the most popular and well established youth sports activities in the US. Depending on your child’s age and weight, and the sponsoring program or organization your kids can get involved in pee wee, flag football or tackle football. Competitive cheer is also one of the leading youth sport activities in America. Many youth football programs are run in cooperation with cheer programs.

Soccer (the other football)

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport and it’s grown be one of the most popular sports for kids in the US. There are tons of options for kids who want to play soccer. Most towns have recreational leagues as well private travel programs.  Many kids also play throughout the year with specialized clinics that focus on specific skills and summer camps here and abroad.


Volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports for boys and girls in America. The game is played indoors so kids don’t have to worry about getting rained out and parents don’t have to worry about getting cold sitting in the bleachers.


Dive into the pool because fall is the season for competitive swimming. Swimming is a wonderful life skill and swimming on a team helps teach your kids about team sports and individual competition. Get your kids into the pool – and hopefully for them it’s an indoor pool!

Field Hockey

While field hockey is an Olympic sport for both men and women, it’s generally a sport for girls in the US. Fall is girls field hockey season and the game is fun to play and exciting to watch.


The US Open is over but tennis season is just beginning for area high schools. The US Tennis Association has programs and guidelines for getting young kids playing tennis. A few years ago the USTA started to teach young kids using low compression tennis balls so the kids were able to learn tennis a slower speed and have more fun with longer rallies. Tennis has always been a terrific game for girls and boys alike and which they can play their whole lives.

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