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Children sleep hours – is your child getting enough zZz’s?

We are overbooked this season. It got to the point where we’ll have to figure out exactly how many hours our kid needs to sleep in order to function. And that led us to the sleep organization, which provided some pretty good information.

But since we like to do a deep dive into topic (cuz that’s just how we are), we had to push it.

And it turns out that according to some studies, active kids may need less sleep than sedentary kids….so though the graphic shows “Best,” it turns out that there’s a range. And within that range of children sleep hours, active kids are on the lower end. This could be because of their increased exposure to Vitamin D or sleep quality. Stephanie Brunner reported in Medical News that the connection is that kids that are more active are better able to fall asleep. In other words, children sleep hours decrease when kids have more vigorous exercise.

“active kids may need less sleep than sedentary kids”

Which is GREAT for us….

Because we’re overbooked….but our kid is really, really active! So for now, our plan is to go to the smaller number of hours and possibly add in a short – gasp! – nap.

We’ll let you know how it works out.


We’re off to a good start. The first month was rocky as we began juggling school and multi sports. Now that things have started settling down a bit, we’re adding in some responsibility building exercises for our daughter. Check out our tips for making your kids more responsible through sports here.

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