Is there a cost for your service to either parents or sports organizations?

We are a FREE service!  Parents will never be charged a membership fee and sports organizations may claim and maintain their free listing.



How do I set up an account?

Simply go to the “Sign Up / Login” section of the home page.  From there you can sign up manually or use your social media account.

How do I know what the right program is for my child?

The right program means different things to different people. Check out what the program is offering and decide if their message follows your values. If this is your child’s first experience trying a particular sport, then perhaps a rec league is a good choice since they are often economical. Is your child gifted? Then look to professionally run organizations that can help your child take his or her game to the next level. In the middle? Try a local travel team or dance program with good reviews.

Why should I bother posting reviews about organizations?

Posting reviews helps parents like you. Often it’s word of mouth that leads families to the right organization and it takes less than a minute to post a review. The only thing we ask is that you PLAY FAIR. Please, play fair and be kind.

Are my reviews anonymous?

Up to you.  You set up your account and are able to create your own username, or you can sign in through social media.  We prefer that you use your name but we understand that some folks are shy.  Negative reviews posted anonymously will need to pass our Editors.

What are some of the best programs on Long Island?

Tough to say — we really love the CYO programs because they’re open to all kids, regardless of religion and they are both affordable and usually competitive. We also love the Nassau County Municipal Swim Program, a robust, year-round, affordable swim program with four divisions.  For elite training, so many organizations offer superior programming here — it would be difficult to recommend one over the other.

At what age should my child begin specializing?

To specialize or not to specialize, that is the question…and it’s received a lot of press.  There are very few sports that benefit from early specialization.  The youngest Olympians are often associated with gymnastics, diving and swim.  Yet, Michael Phelps and Dara Torres both competed at high levels when they were over 30 years old.  Yet gymnasts often peak in their upper teens to lower 20’s, so if your child is an especially interested and gifted gymnast then specializing in this sport may be appropriate.  With that said, we stand by multi sports and believe that even gymnasts can benefit from playing something else.


How much is it to post a listing? I’m a small business.

We do not charge to post a listing. We believe that parents should have access to information about ALL programs. So, businesses small and large will always have access to a free listing.

I own a sports organization that’s featured on the site, how do I claim my listing?

First, go to “Sign Up / Login” to set up an account with your business email address.  Then go to your listing and click on “Business Owner” to request ownership.  Our advisors will review your claim of ownership and send an approval link your way.  Once you receive approval, the listing is all yours to customize.

Once you have an account you can also add camps and clinics so that parents can find your program by date.

I don’t see my company listed, how do I get listed?

It’s easy! Simply create an account and then go to “Add My Business” to select either a program (geared toward seasonal teams) or camp or clinic (geared toward searching by date).

I don’t have the time to manage my listing, can you do it for me?

Yes, we can update your web page with promotions, schedules and updated information for a small administrative fee of $25. Contact us at [email protected]

My business offers both teams and camps and clinics.  Do I need to create separate listings?

We are constantly working on improving the user experience.  At this stage companies would need to create multiple listings.  However, camps and clinics are easily copied and may be repeated in order to make it easy.  If you have your camps and clinics schedule for the year, all of it can be entered at once.



I’d like to advertise on your website.  What’s the process?

We’d love to hear from you. Our audience is geared toward parents of kids that play sports, so we believe in health and wellness and a positive childhood. If you believe your product or service is a good fit, please email us at [email protected]

We refuse advertisements from drug and alcohol companies. This includes Juul and other tobacco products, which go against our beliefs.