About Us

About SCOUTjr

SCOUTjr was created to help busy parents find the best sports programs for their kids. We’ve spent countless hours scouting out the options for kids of all ability, from beginner to aspiring Olympian. From the best soccer leagues and basketball trainers to the best swim teams and lacrosse clinics, SCOUTjr does the legwork and puts them all in one place.

Our philosophy: Kids should play

“Play everything, play often” is our motto. At SCOUTjr we believe that kids should play everything so they are exposed to all sorts of sports and activities and they should play often so they are always developing and getting the benefits of team and individual sports. We believe that childhood is the time for exploration and trying new things, including sports. But with so many option, where should parent begin? That’s exactly why we developed SCOUTjr! We help busy parents learn about and talk about the sports programs in their communities.

What is THE BEST sports program for kids?

Often parents are led to believe that the most expensive program is the best sports program for their child. But that’s very often not the case. The best sports program is the one that inspires, instructs, engages and fosters in your child a love for a sports and competition. This combination can be found in many organizations, from community recreation leagues to elite training camps. Explore SCOUTjr to find local programs, specialized camps and clinics in your town and discover what’s available both nearby and even far away.

Search, find and play

We have listed thousands of youth sports teams and organizations in hundreds of communities. Along the way we’ve found dedicated coaches who spend hours tirelessly working with kids so that they can play sports and build a foundation for success in life. And we’ve found some programs for the truly gifted, those rare elite athletes who know what they want to do for the next ten years and are ready to sacrifice everything else in their quest for greatness. With ratings and reviews, SCOUTjr makes finding the right program easy.

Parents helping other parents

The essence of SCOUTjr is parents helping other parents by sharing information about programs and activities that their kids have participated in. SCOUTjr provides free listings for youth sports and organizes these activities by sport and location. Listings allow parents to comment on their experience with the organizations or even with the sports themselves.

Get in the game!

SCOUTjr is brand new and we would love for you to help us make it the best place for parents to find information about sports, leagues, camps and clinics for their kids. If you have any suggestions or would like more information about adding your business to SCOUTjr email us at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.



Hey, I almost forgot to introduce myself… I’m Natasha (aka, Mama & Coach Natasha). During my career in professional sports I’ve worked at Madison Square Garden with the Knicks, Rangers and Liberty and I’ve worked at the National Football League and Super Bowl XLVIII. Now I’m building SCOUTjr to help busy parents find just the right sports, camps and clinics for their kids to begin and grow a life long love of sports and competition. See you at the game!